An IT Company Built for Modern Needs

We build products that meet clients' needs, keep them up to date with modern design practices, and look to the bleeding edge to put them one step ahead of the competition.


What We Do

  • Rapidly design and code beautiful websites.
  • Architect efficient, reliable backend infrastructure.
  • Manage large databases, with security as the highest priority.
  • Translate business needs to useful applications.

Why Our Clients Love Us

  • Diverse Skills

    We're full-stack web developers, able to bring any ambitious idea fruition.

  • Long-Standing Reliability

    We've still got clients from when Jinfo was first founded, and we've made sure that their applications and services stay updated with modern architecture and design.


These numbers will give a glimpse into our coding practices.

  • 17 Years Operating
  • 202,468 Lines of Code
  • 40 Bitbucket Repos
  • 300+ Automated Tests


  • novire logo


    We've worked side-by-side with Novire for ten years to create the Qsuite, a comprehensive web-app that changes the way companies and their employees handle clients.

  • TOM

    Customer experience survey technology being utilized by companies including Ikea.


Our preferred languages, libraries and applications, from front to back

  • Sass Writing beautiful, readable CSS.
  • Symfony

    Backend framework for smart PHP architecture.

  • Docker

    Containerized servers for ease of deployment.

  • October

    Rapidly create easily maintainable websites.

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